My personal logo that looks like a skull

About Me

Hello! Glad you have checked out my website! My name is Preston Myers! I am an artist and graphic designer!

I was born in 1997, 12, 24. I have lived in Calgary Alberta for most of my life. I wanted to create art ever since I was at the age of 13. Spending many hours drawing and painting random objects and fictional characters in my spare time.

This would of course pool into some of my highschool class options. I began to take art classes from 10th grade and develop my skills even further. There I was introduced with the idea of going to AUA (Alberta University of the Arts). After I graduated high school I got accepted into AUA.

I spent 3 years at AUA to finally learn that I really liked the idea of design over fine arts. So I left AUA to go after my real goal which is graphic design. I landed on the option of SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology). I got accepted into the NMPD and nearing the conclusion of my program.

I am very passionate about building a community. I am currently working on developing a social media face on youtube, twitter, instagram and other platforms. Everyone has a community around them and some people need a logo to be the face of that community. I am honored to be a graphic designer and have the opportunity to work on projects like that