My personal logo that looks like a skull

My Graphic Process

The process of making my work is fairly straightforward. I always ask the question of what feeling or story do you want to portray? I ask that question whether it is to a client or to myself. These are very important questions to ask as they will provide multitudes of information in just one answer. The objective with my designs is to try and make the client or customers feel cool and feel awesome. I believe many people in life wish to feel amazing, so I strive to elicit these feelings in others. It is the foundation of how I start my work.

A logo with red and blue text that reads Hoarding Sisters Vintage. The background is a peach yellow. Red gradient background with a fade from brightest to darkest. A dark skull in the middle. A side profile of a vintage girls head in a black and white circle logo Yellow and grey logo of a man running with text that reads Frey Fit A banner picture that has a image of work out barbell with text that reads Frey Fit along with a quote that reads Movement is an embodyment of success.