My personal logo that looks like a skull

My Personal Process

My personal process is one that I very rarely talked about in person with people. Every creation on this page has a story and an attention to detail. I am somebody who enjoys the creative story of people, objects, or places. The project could be fictional and I would still strive to make an in depth story or attention to detail. My artwork is mainly focused on the aspect of character. Storytelling is the major part of my creative process and in my personal projects I attempt to display that. I am versed in photoshop, blender, pencil, ink, and charcoal. No matter the medium I will attempt to make something cool and awesome out of it. If it is a project that somebody else wanted me to do, then I would do my best to make sure it made them happy. If it was for myself, then I would try to illustrate the stories or appearance of what would happen in my head.

Close up of girl side portrait. Armored Soldier with a sniper rifle. Medieval gladiator. Gothic girl wil clawed gauntlets. Armored fantasy skeleton in green and gold attire. Purple night sky with text caption that says Shoot of the stars. Punk rock girl portrait with cat ears. 3D floating island with blue sky all around it. Portrait of a grey scale girl. Medium close up drawing of a fantasy girl fighter. Profile of a Fantasy female fighter. Robot with a skull and human features.